Power TRIo -6/5/00 Gothic Theatre -Englewood, CO (DENVER)

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this is all off of memory, so i'm sure it's a little out of order, but here's a list of the tunes played as i recall them:
love of the common man 
couldn't i just tell you
#1 LCD 
love in action
fix yer gaze
black and white
there goes my inspiration
cliche (acoustic)
bang on the drum all day (uke)
temporary sanity
play this game
yer fast
open my eyes
buffalo grass
one world

-encore- the ikon hammer in my heart

-2nd encore- worldwide epiphany

at one point early on he introduced his guitars by name.

there were several difficulties throughout the show with his green guitar, "phony?".

he played lots of bad chords on the utopia tunes (noticeably laughing at himself) -a real bad mess up during the three chord "one world".

he really screwed up a couple solos too.

ironically, the ikon was flawless.

his voice sounded wonderful and kasim's singing and harmonies were truly amazing.

despite his guitar performance flaws, todd's overall energy in the mile high climate was outstanding, he truly rocked out the whole show. kasim and trey also seemed to be having a great time.

for me, this ranks 2nd favorite todd show (i really loved the power trio format -especially with kas in there!). my fave still being with a twist at the house of blues-new orleans '97? (overall i've seen more than a dozen todd shows since 1988?)

one can only hope todd and kas continue collaborating!!!

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6/5/2000 - Gothic Theatre - Englewood, CO

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