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Hi Toddahalics

This was my 4th Todd show in as many years... by far the best!!!!!! at our local zoo amphitheater. Which holds no more than a few hundred at that, so there wasn't a bad seat in the house. Todd came on in the black outfit and chino's... as the crowd went crazy... It was 70's bombastic power pop at it's best!!!!! Set list the same, frequent broken strings on just about every song!!! Sound was loud and full....Todd seem frustrated with the broken strings after a while.. at one point he threw the black strat down after the 10th string breakage. Kick the effects petal.. cause it was acting up.. then after the petal the strings, he stood there with his guitar hanging sloppy over his gut.. and said "I'm so discombobulated". he did crack a few jokes about the zoo and how we were animals... our mall...IPO's making a connection with LSD. Over all a good show, burning power pop guitar. It had a high school reunion feel to it. More than any thing the fact it was outside and not in a smoking bar.. made all the difference.. nice evening.. had by all...

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6/3/2000 - Minnesota Zoo - Apple Valley, MN

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