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Let's begin with the weather. It was raining and a bit chilly at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater tonight. That's how it started, but the rain gods where looking over us and shut the faucet off just as the boys took to the stage at around 9:45. Let me add that this is a very nice venue for concerts over looking a small lake surrounded by woods. Todd looked a little uncomfortable at the start but seem to settle in around the fourth or fifth song. Most of the technical problems that plagued the band in the last few shows where still apparent tonight. At one point in the set, I believe it was on "Ikon", Todd got so frustrated with his hardware he slammed his guitar to the ground. I thought I was at a "Who" concert. After that he went after the footboard and started punishing that also. He was mad, but held his composer pretty well. From what I can tell his tech crew seems to be a bunch of chowders.

The show started a little slow but always headed upward in momentum. There was a fair amount of chatter from Todd, with some of the banter referring to acronyms and how LSD is the same as IPO in the overall reality of things. Funny stuff, had to be there! The only songs that I know he didn't play from other shows where, "Fix Your Gaze" and "Secret Society". Some of the tunes that stood out for me where "Mystified", with a rocking guitar solo, along with "Open Your Eyes" and "Worldwide Epiphany" as the last song on the second encore. I Couldn't tell if that was version 1.0 or 1.2? I'm being funny! On both encores the energy in the theater was sky high and you could really tell Todd was into it on "WWE". He was on fire. I didn't think this song would work for a closer but it really rocked tonight. My only complaint is that I wish Todd would put more emphasis on tightness and perfecting the output of the music. I thought the technical problems ruined the the flow of things and took him out of his rhythm. I hope he doesn't write software like that.

Overall it was a good show with Todd taking center stage and doing some serious guitar whaling. Any true Todd fan wouldn't think about missing him on this tour. I'll be vacationing in Wisconsin on 6/29 and very close to Oshkosh, I just might catch him again.

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6/3/2000 - Minnesota Zoo - Apple Valley, MN

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