review of kansas city power trio show 6/2/00

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the show last night in kansas city rocked. it was high energy, LOUD, yet concise (only 1 hour 45 minute show inclusive of encores.)

the crowd was just over 800, in the 1000 capacity beaumont club. the crowd was responsive and supportive. the band (including kasim--great as always, and trey) were outstanding.

TR, et al took the stage at 8:00pm sharp, as scheduled. opened with "i hate my frickin ISP". this tour is a electric, rock set, which all the crowd loved. two "quieter numbers were cliche, and "bang the drum", performed on the uke.

encores were "hammer in my heart", and he closed with worldwide epipheny (he had a second encore number, but my ears are still ringing this morning and i forgot what it was). looking at previous reviews, only tune he skipped in KC that was played at other stops was "surf talks".

since he has saturday night show in minneapolis, i predicted he'd start on time and end early so they could get on road asap on friday night. and that they did. evening was over at 9:45pm. (seems like a 2 hour minimum show would be more worth TRs trouble and travel burdens). i can recall when he did a 3 1/2 hour show at Michigan State University's auditorium in july 1975. the good ol days...

overall quality of show was execellent. i have seen 54 shows and this ranks in the top 5, despite the relative shortness of the show. those fans who like his electric rock work will LOVE this tour/show!

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6/2/2000 - Beaumont Club - Kansas City, MO

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