Todd Rundgren at the Beaumont Club in KC

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I've waited a few days to let the concert "soak in" before giving my perspective. I liked the show, it did seem a little short however. Everyone has their personalized "Todd list" they would like to hear and I'm no exception. I'd of gladly traded "There Goes My Inspiration", "Bang on the Drum", and "Hammer in My Heart" for the guitar work on "Something's Coming", "The Last Ride" and "Just One Victory". Maybe next time, huh?

I sat behind the sound & light boards and per my conversation with these guys it seems that the stage equipment and lighting controls are all that is being transported from show to show. The sound system is local per the venue. Perhaps this is why some shows have better sound than others. Until #1LCD the sound was muffled, but the Beaumont has such a low ceiling, I'm surprised it sounded as good as it did.

How about this Todd? Next tour, I'll pay double the money if you'll play twice as long and instead of the breakneck pace on this tour playing consecutive nights, play every other night. Great job! Thanks for remembering us.

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6/2/2000 - Beaumont Club - Kansas City, MO

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