KC June 2 review

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During the opener (ISP) I got really concerned because I'd read that while Todd was cooking on this tour, the sound had not been up to par - so I moved out from the side and close down front and either that drastically changed the sound or they got things worked out - the show overall was still a little muffled for my taste.

I haven't seen Todd cook like this before. He took very few breaks, talked less than ever (which I missed) and played non-stop.

Ever song was great (I had to laugh off the bang on the Ukulele) and the highlights were IKON (Kasim is amazing) Love in Action, Temporary Sanity and there goes my inspiration. Can't believe he's not playing Jesse on tour. Would have liked more ballads (ala Lucky Guy, etc) and I always like to see Todd at the keyboard, which was absent.

One of the best TRI shows I have seen

Couldn't I Just Tell You
Love of the Common Man
Lowest Common Denominator
Love in Action
There Goes My Inspiration
Here he goes acoustic with
Bang the Uke
Temporary Sanity
Black and White
Kasim lead vocal
Buffalo Grass
One World
ENCORE   Hammer in My Heart
                   Open My Eyes
2nd ENCORE  World Wide Epiphany

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