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I can only assume that this tour is titled "Power Trio Tour 2000" because "Todd Shows the World How the Guitar is Supposed to be Played Tour 2000" wouldn't fit on the t-shirts.

I knew from the previous show set lists that this show would have a harder edge, but I doubt the Beaumont Club -- "Kansas City's Premier Country/Western Nightspot" -- has ever seen such a nonstop flow of wicked rock as Todd and the boys put out on Saturday night. Even "Love in Action" -- which I've seen live oh, a thousand times? -- had a fresh, cutting edge sound to it, and to hear them play any one of #1LCD, the Ikon, Trapped, or Open My Eyes was well worth the ticket price alone. Todd's voice was clear and strong, all three of them appeared to be having a great time, and the crowd started out enthusiastic and was absolutely going nuts by the end. The exact set list was:

I Hate My Friggin' ISP
Couldn't I Just Tell You?
Love of the Common Man
#1 Lowest Common Denominator
Love in Action
There Goes My Inspiration
The Ikon
Yer Fast
Bang the Drum
Temporary Sanity
Buffalo Grass
One World
Encore -- Hammer in My Heart, Open My Eyes
Encore #2 -- Worldwide Epiphany
Misc.: We've been introduced to Foamy, Percy, and Eugene, but what's the name of the black Mustang that Todd's been playing for years, including on this tour?

We got a late start, but drove the 250 miles from Tulsa in exactly four hours. The show was supposed to start at 8, and as we walked in at 8:06 Todd was just launching into the second song. Warning: This tour starts on time!

What exactly is the picture on the backdrop? At first it looked like Todd as the "Keep on Trucking" dude, but we decided it was more like Todd doing a kung-fu kick. Perhaps we'll see him in the next Jackie Chan movie?

I have no complaints, but was disappointed that he didn't play the Mystified/Broke Down and Busted medley as he has on previous shows -- what a great guitar jam! As someone has already mentioned, it's a long way from KC to Minneapolis, and at 1:45 this show was clearly cut short to allow for that drive.

Special mention goes to the guy in the audience walking around with a hat made of two balloon animals humping. See you all at the Delaware show!

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6/2/2000 - Beaumont Club - Kansas City, MO

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