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The line formed early to enter the Beaumont Club in Kansas City's Westport district last night. Although a 1500 capacity venue, I don't think the place was sold out, they were still selling tickets at the door. There was a good crowd, lots of old Toddheads sporting their various T-shirts of the past. I bought my 1st Todd shirt, but was hard parted with my $25, but hey--it's Todd. The crowd was energized for the entire evening, and TR didn't disappoint one bit. The first 3 songs sounded a bit off key to these ears, but they quickly got the place jumping. There were a few lulls in action between songs, but they rocked so hard one hardly noticed. The biggest surprise early on was no opening act, but then again for me it was a blessing in disguise ! Hardly any chat between songs, TR electrified the audience song after song. The set list seems to run parallel to the last few shows reviewed:
Couldn't I Just Tell You  
Love of the Common Man
Lowest Common Denominator  -cooking guitar
Love in Action
There Goes My Inspiration
IKON -Rockin' instrumental featuring solos for Kas and Trey
Yer Fast (and I really liked it)
Todd then gave the boys a break, stating they just couldn't keep up with him. 
 Here he goes acoustic with 
Bang the Uke  (with a touch of Lion Sleeps Tonight thrown in)
Temporary Sanity
Black and White
Kasim lead vocal- ashamed to admit I don't know the name of the tune
   but Kasim looks so hot these days !!
Buffalo Grass
One World
ENCORE   Hammer in My Heart
                   Open My Eyes  --Just incredible !!  A real treat
2nd ENCORE  World Wide Epiphany
I would have loved to had more ballads, cause well....Todd moves me so-- but this was quite the enjoyable evening.....well worth the 4 hour drive to get to KC. I was surprised they didn't do The Surf Talks and there's a slew of songs I'd have loved to hear, maybe next tour.

After the show, Trey was gracious enough to sign some autographs--he mentioned that they were still getting warmed up but had great fun tonight-- Todd and Kas snuck out and were whisked away by club security. A few fans managed to rush the car and get TR's autograph. I just stood by in drool mode...

A good friend once said, that there's a Todd song for every occassion So... Rejoice the Healer comes......Don't miss this tour.

I only have 2 wishes, Todd-- A Ballad tour--"unplugged" if you will and cheaper T-shirt prices If anyone gets a spare TR guitar pick, please E-mail me. I need it to match my Kas pick. :o) Thanks ! ~jett

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6/2/2000 - Beaumont Club - Kansas City, MO

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