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Patron road trip #1: Drove up from Springfield(cashew chicken world headquarters) to see Todd in Kansas City, MO at the "BEAMONT" club. Got there way early so I ended up right in front of Todd's mike and guitar stomp boxes - and lo and behold there was a song list taped to the floor with cryptic looking guitar amp settings next to each song, like "A4" or "A7" and so on(bank-A patch-7). Someone was kind enough to lend me a pen so jotted down the following list in order:
* songs played

*ISP *Buffalo Grass *Yer Fast Hit Me Like a Freight Train Surf Talk *LOTC Man *B&W *Cliché Fix your gaze *Hammer *There goes my Inspiration *#1LCD *Trapped *Love In Action Secret Society Play This Game Cast the First Stone *Temporary Sanity *Couldn't I just Tell You *Open My Eyes Mystified/Broke Down *WWE *IKON *ONE WORLD

After I was about half way through the list, one of the roadies came up and went way out of his way to inform me that this was NOT a "set" list - as if I was wasting my time in writing down the songs because they wouldn't be in the order that the band played them…. Well… excuse me. Is it okay with thy Holy Roadiness if I go ahead and write them down anyway? And why aren't you over there tuning OH's guitar? "Can" this guy...make him mow lawns this summer. Too bad that truly significant artists and incredible musicians have to suffer the bad attitudes of whoever this sound company thinks they are. The problems with the sound system at a few of the other shows can probably be traced to the same bad attitudes among the sound crew that I saw on display in KC. Missing from the set list but still played was the ukulele version of Bang on the drum.

A great show. Great crowd. The rap in WWE and Temporary Sanity is great. The words and performance of Buffalo Grass was(is) my favorite:

Empires fall and the roach will rule
Lifetimes pass and I'm still your fool
Universe collapses in a silvery pool
Watering the root that connects me to you…
Thanks Todd, Kasim and Trey!!! I won't forget!!!
Dudley Brown

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