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Todd's show in Columbus , Ohio, was off to a very rocky start. After starting numerous songs over after not being in tune or other misc. reasons, his mic went out. At first, I thought he might be kidding, but Kasim verified the problem by letting Todd sing into his mic. After one song "Beatles style" with Kasim and Todd singing into the same mic, they took a short break. During the break, the problem was fixed. Todd was obviously pissed about the whole thing. He came out and tore the hell out of the remaining songs of the set. Also, Jesse came out and immediately broke an E string. He proceeded to fix it during the song while Todd filled in for him. What a pain in the ass. When he came out a second time, another string was broke and he opted to play one of Todd's guitars. All in all, a great show. Todd's guitar tech kept tuning an acoustic but it never hit the stage. He was playing through a new amp (Line 6) and was having a hard time with the foot pedals. Kasim kicks total ass as always. See ya' at the next show...


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5/30/2000 - Ludlow's Bar - Columbus, OH

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