Sects, Drugs & Rock and Roll - Todd 2000 in Columbus, Ohio

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This was my 1st Todd show of this tour as well as my 1st Ludlow show. The venue was very small but was easy to find and had a certain charm. It's always a wonderful thing experience the almost religous fellowship amongst Todd fans at any Todd show. These are truely some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

The show started with an inspired version of IHMFISP. The next few tunes were equaly as intense. The sound was not particularly good largely due to the size of the room, but took a serious turn for the worse around "fix Your Gaze" which was great, none the less. At this point I started to realize what a great job Trey Sabatelli was doing on drums. (IMHO) He fits the Todd/Utopia sound like a glove. After Todd's mic dropped out completely it was time to take a break. Although the sound never was quit right, the performance was increadable.

This is what I'd hoped Todd would do this time out, straight ahead rock&roll. I liked the idea of a power trio and they certainly cut it on their own, however, like alot of older Todd fans I couldn't help but imagine Roger Powell up there too.

"#1LCD" was obviously a high point. Todd's guitar was smokin'. Next came what was to me the HIGH POINT of the show "Open My Eyes" They absolutely ROCKED through this classic Nazz track. It reminded me of when I saw them do it at Spartin Stadium (portsmouth, Oh.) in 1975. This alone is worth catching this show for. "CIJTY" pushed it even farther.

Kasim's great vocals and "dead on" bass playing takes not only the Utopia tracks, but everything they do to a higher level. He is a true profesional. I'd love to hear him in the studio with Todd again.

I always love the "Mystified/Broke Down & Busted medley, but being a huge fan of "Runt" & "The Ballad..." I'd really like to see him do some other tracks from those. (I know I'm sounding like one of those "never satisfied" fans. SORRY) Especially with this lineup it would be so cool to hear "Parole", "Devil's Bite", or "I'm in the Clique"

"The Ikon" was a truely unbelievable experience. Especially with Jesse Gress's surprize appearance. However this is the ultimate tease for me, since this is my fav. period of Todd music. I'd love to hear more of the track, at least the first vocal section.

All in all this was a great Todd show and I would suggest you catch it if you can.

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