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Whoa, What a night! Got to the place about 8:30, missed the opening act, seemed like about the same set list with a few variations. The first couple of songs went O.K, then it starts! A couple of start overs on the next few songs then all of a sudden a loud "boom" through the P.A. and no vocals on Todd at all, great! They fooled around with it all a bit and then decided to do the next song in "Beatles" form [Todd and Kasim on the same mic] then gave up and took a break! Well, things never did sound exacly right after that, of course we were standing side stage as the place was tiny and packed, so we definatly weren't getting all the mix! Anyway the highlight of the evening was when Jesse [Gress] came out, this was a total surprise to us, and really filled out the room! Thanks Jesse! Tried to get autographs out back afterwords, but apparently Todd left immediatly, I don't imagine he was in the best of moods after this eventful evening! All in all, I really liked the concept of this tour, just wasn't the best night to see them I guess! Debbie P.S.[Got a cool T-shirt! Check them out!]

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