TR Concert, Kalamazoo,MI, 5/27/00

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my my my........

the concert in kalamazoo was quite an experience.......saw mary lou and thanked her for the wonderful time i had in cleveland last year...she's the bomb...regarding the kalamazoo experience - i hardly know where to start....i took five todd virgins with me and although they loved TR the crowd was really ugly - out of the six of us, three got thrown out by bouncers ( maybe alcohol had something to do with that), my daughter got accosted when she tried to meet me at the stage for the encore and i had a hostile woman claiming i was invading her "space" whatever the hell that means.

TR obviously was having trouble with some vocals....especially the high parts and canned a few songs because of that ( bad cough) ......the song list was considerably shorter than chicago ....still a great there any doubt that a TR concert is one of the few great experiences in life....

met some fans after the show from chicago who have been to over 100 TR concerts - makes me feel like a virgin after only 11, but i'll hit at least 4 more on this tour...peace - chill out!

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5/27/2000 - State Theatre - Kalamazoo, MI

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