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That weekend my wife and I were relaxing at a bed and breakfast in Marshal Michigan. I dragged her kicking and screaming to Kalamazoo to see Todd at the State theatre. Since we did not have tickets we got there early in the afternoon. We had lunch at Burdicts down the street from the State. While having lunch the Toddster walks in. I walk over to his table and say Todd your music changed my life. Todd says well hopefully we can change it back. We laugh. He asked me if we had ever met and I said I met him at the Roxy in 1979. Todd was super nice and it was the best way to start the gig. Later Todd just walked to the show and we greeted each other again. I went to Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo and it meant a lot to me to say hi and catch the show in Kalamazoo. Anyway, the gig. A band called Cinesonnic sp? backed up the power trio. They played antique instruments for that real 70's guitar driven analog sound. They sounded good but did not seem to be into it because they knew it was Todd's show. First I must preface it with the fact that I am a die hard Todd fan. I loved the Utopia shows but I went to hear the Todd stuff and that is where he has been delivering live for the last couple of years. With a Twist live. I Don't Want To Tie You Down live. I know you could'nt believe it. Kalamazoo the stage is without clutter and Todd has on a long black jacket and his sun glasses. The power trio is about Todd's singing, songwriting and guitar playing. The set selection is shocking it is so good. Todd plays Love of the Common Man and it sounds great. Kasim sounds and plays great as usual. They jam Could'nt I Just Tell You and they are definately starting to get my attention. They launch into Broke Down and Busted and that gets to the heart of the matter for me. Todd sounds great but he's having a few problems with his voice and is being very appolegitic. It took nothing away from the show. "You Know I Would Go Anywhere" but he could not get out "That I Could Go In MY Old Wheel Chair". Then the show gets even better. He starts jamming the guitar part to the Ikon. Now I'm getting greedy and hoping he would sing some of the parts but they just jam it. The Ikon is complex and it sounded great. It will sound even better later in the tour. So I'm kinda dazed at this point when he hits the peak of the show. A perfect version of Open My Eyes. Its a little Nazz tune you may have heard. Its perfect and I am in the Todd zone. Gets into Lowest Common Demonator. Few in the crowd knew they were supposed to be singing your soo hot. It was not lost on me. Real low down bluzzee version. It rocked. He played some of the new stuff but I don't want to comment until I hear he Cd. Worldwide Epiphany from No World Order sounded real good. He plays that song only available on the internet The Surf Talks which sounded great. He also played One World for the later Utopians. Big Big mistake to miss this tour. I will catch it again July 3 at Meadowbrook in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Len Herman

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5/27/2000 - State Theatre - Kalamazoo, MI

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