Chicago Review 5/26/2000

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It was a great night, despite the occasional flubs that Ken mentioned. The sound mix did suffer a lot though. Kazim was repeatedly yelling at the monitor mix guy about something and seemed a bit distracted. The guitar was barely in the mix until "Black And White". Once everything got dialed in, it sounded great from where I was sitting. TR announced that they were learning the songs as they went, and they really were on some tunes.

I thought Trey did a fantastic job. He is tight as hell and really holds it down. His playing reminds me a lot of Prairie's style. It was interesting hearing TR covering the missing keyboard lines in "Hit Me Like A Train", and "Temporary Sanity". It somehow works though. "World Wide Epiphony" is the ultimate closer.

A couple of side notes; It was a pleasure meeting Cathy Lee and seeing all the same nameless faces I see at every Chicago show. After the show, the night nearly came to a tragic end. We left Navy Pier and were approaching the Dan Ryan Expressway, when we turned right into a safety check roadblock. They had every single car pulled over and you had to enter it. We were doing the ceremonial after concert passing of the pipe, and the Ford Explorer smelled fresh. Miraculously, the sherriff checked my ID, and let us go! So.... be careful out there this weekend. They are doing the big holiday weekend checks out there.

We're off to Kalamazoo for round two. Of course we're going to be very careful.

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5/26/2000 - Navy Pier - Chicago, IL

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