Chicago Concert Review - May 26, 2000

Review by Bob Raymond (Switch to

Just a quickie review ( kind of like my love life ):

First time visit to Navy Pier and it was a pretty cool place. TR packed 'em in tonight as a big, enthusiastic crowd kicked off the holiday weekend. I enjoyed the setting but much prefer TR in a close quarters, standing room bar venue.

The song list was fun and it rocked. The boys decided on this tour it wasn't mess around time - they were gettin' serious. Highlights of the evening were Love In Action, Open My Eyes, Hammer In My Heart and the inclusion of Broke Down And Busted.

What a great sight to walk out of a superb concert and see the skyline of Chicago. Well, in just a few hours it's on to Kalamazoo. If there was one disappointment it was that I miss Jesse. Peace.

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5/26/2000 - Navy Pier - Chicago, IL

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