Todd's Show In Chicago 5/26

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Just wanted to write a short note on the May 26th Todd show at Navy Pier.

So Cool! I rode my bicycle there down the lake front. Only the 2nd concert I ever rode my bike too. I am 40 now, the last was when I was 19. Todd Rundgren fans will not be disappointed at this show. I was disapointed at last years Lincoln Park Zoo tour stop. This show made up for that with interest.

When Todd came on stage singing I Hate my fricken Isp, he emptied himself into the microphone, heart and soul. I know these are just songs to be played on the radio. But I believe in alot of the music I listen to. It comes from a special place inside of us. And Todd was drawing from that place on Fri. He sang with emotion and conviction. When Todd breaks into the song and people get onto there feet and dance and sing along, It is intersting watching the expressions of the people who just dont getit. I think it is a another case of "temporary sanity".

Chicago is the home to the blues and Todd showed he can get down.Some great guitar work missing in last years show. Sure there was some technical difficulties, and the sound system was very muddy, But the shear outpouring of the musicians made those problems diminish. I'd like to say in ending I was one of those people on there feet singing Trapped and Hammer in my Heart!

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5/26/2000 - Navy Pier - Chicago, IL

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