TRio 2000- Chicago 5/26 and pnet breaking news...

Review by Ken Davis (Switch to

Here's the Chicago set list. Todd's changing things up already... There's always more...
when I'm recuperated...
And hopefully pix as well as soon as I can get them scanned.

Vocals were solid and Todd's playing was pretty tight for the second show of the tour. He did use a little rio mp3 player on several tunes toward the end of the 2 hour set for keyboard parts- notably WWE- which was also when he finally shed the duster and shades... No Ikon in Chitown, but we did get Yer Fast, ...Train, Secret Society and Hammer... The live sound mix wasn't always perfect and he did flub four times and restarted songs twice, but it was a guiTaR oriented performance. OH even made me forget Jesse Gress' I-tour heroics with his solo on Mystified/BD'N'B... Give this lineup a few more sets under their belts and they'll be ticking over like a finely tuned machine...

1 I Hate My Frickin ISP
2 Play This Game
3 Love Of The Common Man
4 Black & White
5 Fix Your Gaze
6 Open Your Eyes (smokin' solo into...)
7 No.1 Lowest Common Denominator  (brilliant!)
8 Love In Action (:30 pause before roaring back into chorus)
9 Yer Fast (public debut?)
10 Cliche (acoustic)
11 Bang On The Ukelele interpolated with The Lion Sleeps Tonight (played only
on four strings of the guitar)
12 Hit Me Like A Train
13 Temporary Sanity
14 Mystified/Broke Down 'N' Busted/Mystified
15 Trapped (Kas' lead vocal)
16 Secret Society
17 Buffalo Grass
18 One World
19 Hammer In My Heart
20 The Surf Talks
21 Worldwide Epiphany
Breaking news on PatroNet: new pricing structure ($5 monthly $40 annually, or $50 and get Cyberia video) announced in flyers at show. Ed Vigdor was there giving a demo of the interociter on a laptop and taking the names of any disgruntled PatroNet subscribers with the intent of trying to make good on their complaints- there weren't many btw. CLB and Kurt were steadfast at the gate throughout the pre-show drizzle insuring that nearly everyone with any interest at all got one of the the new PatroNet flyer/free entries for giveaway subs...

Met Kurt "Turkeyboy" Scheinflug (sp?) and Ron Hromoko (though hornless at this show unfortunately: "Everyone wants to wear the damn horns- but no one wants to carry them through the airport," lamented Ron.)

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