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Kids, this was the most enjoyable Todd show I've seen in years. Sure it was full of goofs and awful sound and mixing, and boy, did I miss Keyboards, but geez...I woulda paid the $25 bucks just to hear Open My Eyes!!! In typical fashion, Todd covered the entire spectrum with his Guitar playing...the absolutely screaming solos that proved that he still has chops, and also the clinkers and brain cramps. My 13 year old is wearing my old Utopia shirt from the 1977 RA tour, which was only wore once, and my 9 year old is wearing an old black t-shirt from the 1978 Oops tour...they think it's cool that so many people are commenting on thier shirts. 

Anyway, here's my take on the show>

1 I Hate My Frickin ISP ( Not a fave of mine, but better tonite than on the Kilbourne show?)

2 Play This Game ( the Guitar is way to quiet in the mix, and the sound is terrible, but a tight effort here)

3 Love Of The Common Man (Todd starts the song, and realizes that his Guitar is horibly out of tune. Stops and swithes from the green to the black one. Does he tune the guitars differently depending on the song? He must after hearing the beginning of LOTCM on the wrong Guitar!

4 Black & White (A tight smokin effort here. TR is on freakin' fire!)

5 Fix Your Gaze ( I can take or leave this one...I'd rather leave it. The backgroung vocals can't be heard for a good portion of this tune)

6 Open Your Eyes (The highlight of the evening. UInbelievable!)

7 No.1 Lowest Common Denominator ( My 13 year old moves to the edge of his seat during the solo and says "He rocks for an old guy!) Yes indeed Son. You won't hear Guitar playin' like that from your Limp Bisquit or Blink 182!)

8 Love In Action (Guaranteed to get the house on thier feet. Great version of this classic)

9 Yer Fast (Not fast enough for me. I don't like it. Todd mentions that this song is on the soon to be released OLY cd, and that this release will have the full support of a real record company)

10 Cliche (Todd forgets the chords, then his mic goes dead for about 1 minute towards the end)

11 Bang On The Ukelele, (I would have gladly traded this song in for a version of "Inspiration", or any other acoustic tune for that matter. It was a good lighthearted moment though)

12 Hit Me Like A Train ( I took my 9 year old to get a pretzel)

13 Temporary Sanity ( A tough one to do with a trio. The RIO MP-3 helps with keyboards)

14 Mystified/Broke Down 'N' Busted/Mystified (A bit long, but good for the SRV fans)

15 Trapped ( My second favorite song of the evening. Kick ass)

16 Secret Society ( Sound was a bit thin on this one with Todd electing to only play the solos, leaving the rest of the song to Kas and Trev. Something funky is going on with the lower notes on Todds Guitar, some notes a louder than others and seemed to hummm...perhaps a fret problem?

17 Buffalo Grass ( Todd fisgets with the Rio mp3 player for about 1 minute. I like some of the Toddism chord and vocal changes in this song, but the audience snoozed through this one)

18 One World ( Todd playes the opening chords, and Kas runs across the stage to tell Todd that he has the wrong Guitar...he stops and the Guitar tech brings the black Guitar on stage for him. The song sounds GREAT!)

19 Hammer In My Heart ( Replacfes the Ikon tonight. The place is rockin' now!)

20 The Surf Talks ( More fidgeting with the Rio MP3 player. I like this song, but I'm not sure it works live, especially with a trio. Probably the sloppiest song of the evening)

21 Worldwide Epiphany ( I'm still having trouble with this as the closer. This show was begging for JOV, and it would have fit perfectly)

This show was all Todd, and even though Kasim has been playing with him for 23 years, I hardly noticed him on stage. Just the sight of TR with a Guitar strolling the stage with his head tilted back and his eyes closed, was great. But this was all Todd, with Kasim and Trev not even getting a minmal solos for either one, unfortunatly. My impression of Trev was much better after this show compared with the Kilbourne performance, and his Drums sounded so much better than Willies ever did. Although he seems to get lazy at times, Trev replicated the original versions of the songs well.

And no Vodka on stage for Todd. Glad to see that.
His voice sounded great.
No mention of Patronet.
The stage had a Cool image of Todd dressed in black in mid-air in what looks like some kind of Karate kick.
I assume that this is the cover of OLY?

Whatever Todd pays his sound man is too much. The sound was lousy. Numerous technical problems, with the background vocals at times non existent in the mix, and at times Trevs Snare Drum would disappear from the mix. I never could distinguish Trevs vocals. And Todd should leave the Rio MP-3 responsibilty to someone off stage, rather than dicking around with it in front of everybody. But a great show nonetheless!

This was the most fun that I have had at a concert straight!

Welcome back Todd...I'll see you again in Wisconsin June 28 & 29!

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