Chicago Show

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I just got back from the chicago show.
The Highlights: TR and the boys looked good.

The set list

I hate my Frickin ISP
love in action
secret society
play this game
fix your gaze
worldwide epiphany
hammer in my heart
surf talks
hit me like a train
2 new songs
acoustic Bang the drum all day.
love in action
temporary sanity
# one lowest common denominator
Love of the common man
Open my eyes
Mystified (Broke down and busted)
The new song "I hate ISP" started off slow then it was over. Nobody knows the song. "Play this game" was next, it was fun but we started to suspect that there was a problem with the sound system. Well basically the sound/acoustics sucked for most of the show. TR's voice was overblown, could not hear Kasim or Trey. Tr was having alot of problems with his guitar. sound wise/acoustically it sucked!

Highlights "#1 lowest common". TR hit all the juicy notes and KAS/TREY were a great rythm section. "One world" was fun. secret society sounded great. All the other songs were performed well and I love the present line up. Kasim is the best. Just way to many sound problems to make the show comfortable. "Open my eyes caught alot of people off guard and kicked ass.

TR and the boys were youthful and full of spunk

I recommend that any TR fans will love this show. everyone is in fine form. Just pray for good sound/acoustics. whoever ran the sound board really must have a lot of problems.

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5/26/2000 - Navy Pier - Chicago, IL

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