Hard Rock Cafe - Orlando

by Michael Kazazis (Switch to

Just got back from the blistering set at the brand new Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando. $50 to sit on chairs that remind you of the chairs you might see in a cheesy catering hall. But the sound system and projection were great. If you ever do come to see a show at this new place (part of Universal's new City Walk), be prepared to walk about 3 miles to get from your car to the show.

The highlight of the evening was "All Right Now". All of Todd's solos this evening were rockin, but he seemed to have the most fun with this song. While some of the other Starr's got more applause, most people walked away talking about Todd. "Hey, this guys pretty cool...".

The crew offered nothing different for their final evening together. A quick mention of the roadies and they were on their way.

I did remember seeing something about Ringo being on the Hard Rock show on VH-1...I'm hoping it's this show.


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