All Starr Band Concert Review - Orlando, Florida

Review by Dan Wesson (Switch to

Greetings from Stowe, Vermont. Just returned from the show in Orlando, Florida --- sixty degree temperature swing. Palm trees to snow!!! Anyway, enough about the weather. A special hello to Romo -- thanks ever so much for keeping us east - coasters up to date on the band's swing out west. Read all your reports with great interest. Too bad about Nevada - the boys played a full set in Orlando, as they did earlier in the tour in Connecticut. Lucky enough to see them there as well. Back to Orlando -- the Hard Rock Live was dynamite, once you go through an absurd ordeal to get to it. It is in the center of a gigantic ( Universal Studios ) amusement park!!! The show was outstanding --- Todd was ass-kicking on "Whiskey Train" and "All Right Now" , and the band was generally tight. Can't ever say enough about Jack Bruce, either. I'm not much of a writer, so that's it. Hope they do it again real soon, and hey, Romo -- keep up the good work.

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3/28/1999 - Hard Rock - Orlando, FL

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