Ringo @ Sunrise Musical Theatre, Florida - 3/27/99

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First a car show and carnival dubbed the Starrs & Cars Show sponsered by a local radio station, then they switch the show from Lockhardt Stadium (outdoor soccer stadium) to Sunrise Musical Theatre. Then have to exchange tickets because of the venue change. Darn, had better seats the 1st time.

Was it ALL worth it?.......................OH YEAH! Got to the theatre about 4:00PM for a 7 PM show.

Sitting in the HOT Florida sun for 3 hrs by the stage door with my lovely wife waiting for THE BOYS to show up! About 5:30 a white Lincoln pulls up and out jumps a long haired guy with black and blonde hair. My wife says "Hey, thats Todd "....as I approach him he is getting a guitar out of the trunk and dropping things ALL over the place, and asks if the Band is here yet? I ask for an autograph to ADD to his confusion and with NO VOCAL RESPONSE he reaches out for my pen and signs! A real wonderful guy :) I've never seen or met TR.

Oh, sorry, now about the show. Well the ticket change has us sitting on the side of the stage about 7 rows back, about 25 ft.away ....and I thought "These seats SUCK!" The band is announced and out comes TR in a very colorful dress (my wife said it was a sarongue) black spandex shirt and barefooted, and sets up right in front of us. I didn't know what to expect at this point. He starts the intro to "It Don't Come Easy" the band joins in and out comes Ringo. I now feel I had the BEST seats in the house.

TR was awesome. "Hammer in my Heart", "Bang on the Drum" (with Todd playing a Timbale drum and cymbal) were ALL great. He also played the CREAM songs with Jack Bruce to a "T"(R).

Ringo, Simon, Jack and Timmy were ALL having a good time and sounded great. Although Ringo didn't show up til 6:30 (in a white Lincoln with Barb on his side) and signed no AUTOGRAPHs. It was still a great time enjoyed by both young and old. This was was their 2nd to last show on the tour and the band showed NO signs of being tired [they are older :) ] and being indoors beats being out in the Florida HEAT. So, the change in plans worked out well.

Long Live Todd and The ALL Starrs and Thanks for a great time!

- mark & stacia (long time Beatle fans & now TR fans!)

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3/27/1999 - Sunrise Musical Theatre - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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