Todd Tour Touches Two "Tunisians"

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The Horseshoe Casino was indeed lucky to have hosted the Ringo Starr All-Starr Band.

When we arrived at the Horseshoe, we decided to find the Bluesville concert hall and pick up our tickets. This was about 1:30 and people were waiting in line for the show! After a quick shower and change, I returned to check out the situation. The crowd was growing larger. I made the decision to stand in line at 3:30, determined to get a good seat. Learned a lot of Beatle things from Rick Glover, who writes for a Beatle news magazine. He had seen the tour earlier and when I made my TR interest clear, he indicated how much TR had contributed to the quality of the show. By chance, we met Karen from Tennessee (another TR fan), and together anticipated the evening.

When the doors opened, Anna, Karen, and I made it to the fourth row directly in front of TR. The room filled to maybe 1000. The show started on time. It seemed as though TR's guitar volume was too quiet for the first couple of songs. The band seemed to come alive with "Whiskey Train".

"I Saw the Light", "Hammer In My Heart" (my favorite TR for the night), "Bang the Drum" . All the Jack Bruce music was strong. Jack seemed to enjoy the night and share TR's enthusiasm and animation on stage. They jumped and moved about giving the show life. Timmy Capello is an outstanding musician and contributed throughout the evening.

Afterward, we encountered TR in the hotel lobby where Anna got her souvenir- a photo opportunity she will always cherish.

Lee & Anna Goodson

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3/25/1999 - Horsheshow Casino - Tunica, MS

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