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Todd and the Boys
Horseshoe Casino
Tunica, MS

The line for Thursday's 8:00 pm open seating show began before 3:00 pm. Four hours spent standing on a concrete floor. What do you think, Todd -- am I wrong, or izzat love? My efforts were rewarded with a seat fourth row center, right in front of Todd. I met a nice couple from Birmingham, also there for Todd, who were good company for the show. We were blessed with the full two-hour version of the show, not the abbreviated one mandated in Nevada.

If the Lake Tahoe crowd was lacking, I hope we made up for it. Granted, most people seemed to be there primarily for Ringo, but a general enthusiasm for the whole band prevailed, growing as time went on.

Todd was wearing the black silk jammies tonight, and looking much healthier than he did last week on P.I. He was up to his usual antics -- making fun of other band members, mocking the songs he didn't enjoy doing, and refering to us audience members as "Tunisians" (from Tunica).

As many other reviewers have stated, the Cream numbers with Jack Bruce on bass and Todd as Eric Clapton were most excellent. Todd's numbers were, of course, wonderful. The audience seemed less familiar with "Hammer In My Heart" than the others, but that was my favorite.

There were two broken strings tonight, possibly more. I kept finding myself distracted by looking at Timmy Capello's deltoids <grin>.

The show was well worth the trip all the way from Crossville, TN. Someone previously commented -- Lin Sprague, I think -- on the truly bizarre nature of the whole casino scene. Ditto. Aside from that, it was all terrific. Wouldn't have missed for anything, my chance to see Todd for the first time in a long time.

Karen Barron

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3/25/1999 - Horsheshow Casino - Tunica, MS

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