SILVER LEGACY -- RENO, NV -- 3/19/99

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SLegs is one of the premier casinos in reno, a smallish transportation town surrounded by snowy mountains and low clouds. it's connected to several other casinos through a maze of overground walkways with over priced retail shops and restaurants; often populated with overweight gamblers.

SLegs common areas are designed with well-hidden escalators to take you to casino, restaurant, and meeting levels. tonight's gig is in the grande exposition hall, a multipurpose room in the bottom 'convention' level. the flat, portable, high-density seating layout makes us feel like we're in church or at a conference. big video screens up at sides.


like most things american, casinos just want your money. they want you to spend as much time losing in the casino as possible. as a result, i'm told tonight's set is abbreviated to approx eighty minutes.

 come easy

saw the light sunshine do

greatest no no

all right boys

bang the drum white whiter photo

submarine friendses

a low ceiling provides good sound, and our elevated seats give us clarity without reverb. the friday night crowd is well-behaved and lively. OH is wearing the black silk jammies.


'whiskey train' continues to kick freakin ass. during the many chances TR-i has to solo in this toon, he hams it up for the close circuit cameras.

one of TR's idols, jack bruce, is adding tasteful flourishes to the basic root-note rockers, making even 'the no no song' interesting to listen to.


some key toons [to which i've grown fond of] are missing. 'hammer' is on the cut list, though TR-i does get his two other toons. 'be yo man' and 'i feel free' are great fun that's missing tonight.

there's no doubt; ringo has put the kibosh on the pareo.


ringo is wearing bright new basketball shoes which adds a bounce to his lazy step. his rapport with the pleasant crowd is witty and well-paced.

i wonder if timmy has multiple shiny outfits, or just wears the same one every night..

are gary brookah and joe cockah related?

the chef has prepared especially for you, a little bit of idiocy

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3/19/1999 - Silver Legacy - Reno, NV

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