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I just got back home from a wonderfull weekend in Reno, Nevada. I see that Romo has posted his patented cut and paste review so I'll try to convey a more personal account of the shows.

I almost didn't make it to Reno in time for the show on friday night. My flight from KC was grounded in St Louis due to equipment problems and I was delayed for 7 hours before I could get another flight. I arrived at the casino at 8:20 and quickly found the concert venue and was happy to see a lobby full of aging yuppies milling about. I tried to sell my extra ticket but was not succesful. I didn't see Romo or Kurt before the show , but I did meet some Todd fans that are not online.

The show was fantastic. Two large video screens on the sides provided great views of OH playing the Fool guitar He broke 2 strings on it friday night, no broken strings on Saturday. Romos comment at the bottom of his first review is what Todd said before playing BOTD. "the chef has prepared especially for you, a little bit of idiocy"

I had 5th row seats on Gary Brookers side of the stage but moved up to the front of the stage during the encore.I got a high five from Todd as he was leaving the stage. I found Romo and Kurt after the show and we set up plans to meet at a Martini Bar called Roxy's after I checked into the hotel. I didn't see the adoods so I went over to a bar next door called Brews Brothers and start looking for them there. The first person I see in the bar is Todd. He's sitting in a corner with Kelli and Karen. I walked up and said hi to Todd and set down next to Kelli.We chatted a bit about the good old compuserve days and then Todd ordered some munchies and beer. I asked him if Ringo gave him a per diem while he was on tour and he said yes.

What I want to know...If Todd paid for my dinner with Ringos money, do I still win the contest?

the chef has prepared especially for you, a little bit of idiocy

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3/19/1999 - Silver Legacy - Reno, NV

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