All Stars Show - Ogden Utah

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Ahh to see Todd in a Hawaiian wrap skirt .... I thought I was still a young man back in Connecticut. It took Todd awhile to warm up to his old antics of twirling and making fun of the whole situation. Who can blame him ? Ringo is not that entertaining of a ring leader to follow. I think but three or four of us knew who Todd is. The people in Utah were all looking with slanted eyes when standing up and yelling TODD IS GOD. OOPS can you say that here? Although Hammer in my Heart was a great surprise (I used to play that in an old band) people here had no idea of the song. Being with all the old fogies on stage I thought it would be great to hear a NAZZ tune. Now that might of really thrown people for a loop . Even if the audiance didn't know the song, they could at least relate to Bang the Drum. All in all, there was some terrific music that we all did a lot of crazy things to growing up, and everyone performed well. It was a nice surprise to be pulled from reality and swirled back to a simpler time when the most important things were yourself and getting high.

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3/12/1999 - Dee Events Center - Ogden, UT

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