Ringo in Berkeley (and TR, too)

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The old guys tour (well, a younger guy, and a sprightly, ageless guitarist, too) hit Berkeley tonight, and for the most part, it was fun. I have to concur with Romo that Ringo is an average joe amongst gods . . .

Atmosphere . . . 90 degrees in the front row of the balcony. Agony compounded by the fact that the broad next to me is wearing about half a bottle of a very sickly sweet odor. From my vantage point in the stratosphere, I saw no people I recognised in the crowd, but then, I was late getting my ticket -- John Heslin talked me into it. It was fun, for the most part.

The Ringo tunes were okay (all right, I really enjoyed Boys), the Free/Bad Company tunes were okay (Todd rocked on All Right Now), and Todd's tunes, in my opinion, do not in any way represent his finest work, but were fun. The real meat of this show is the Cream and Procol Harum tunes, and being showered with the amazing talent of Jack Bruce. Fun to watch Todd goof with him throughout the show, as well as make fun of Timmy Capello's bouncing style as he played sax at stage's edge. (Hey, TR -- at least Timmy's a good all around support guy, and no loser like Burton Cummings!)

To the doods, hey, sorry I missed ya. That's life, as it's been said. Hope ya had fun.

Look to Romo for a full report. Over and out. --

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3/7/1999 - Berkeley Community Theater - Berkeley, CA

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