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 it don't come easy
 act naturally
 whiskey train
 shooting star
 sunshine of your love
 i saw the light
 love me do
 yellow submarine
 hammer in my heart
 i am the greatest
 no no song
 back off boogaloo
 i feel free
 all right now
 i wanna be yo man
 bang the drum all day
 white room
 whiter shade

your 16... with a little help from my friendses


the concept: it's seven shows in one.

the raw sound: one guitarist is much better than four for this set list. background vocals don't suffer, as TR-i/capello/bruce cover things well.

tim capello: this guy rools. if not for his accents, the raw sound would get too sparse. how did this guy have enough time in between music lessons and working out?

whiskey train: great early on in the set. tells the audience "we're not f!ckin around." TR gets the spotlight early.

all right now: TR steals the stage from kirke, and from everyone else, as he windmills through this rocker with the SG.

jack bruce: there are no words. i'll try to think of some tomorrow night.

the SG: so it's a replica, big deal. it's the closest thing to cream we're gonna get. even better at times.

Runt: tonight, TR snuck in a little 'broke down and busted' during the bass solo in 'sunshine of your love'. :>

THE BAD: no joe walsh: let hell freeze over. everyone misses joe.

ringo: the irony of ringo on stage with this band is something i haven't come to terms with yet.

bathing beauty top: can some please buy TR something else that's sleeveless and dries out fast?

'love me do': sob said it best when he mentioned all the life being sucked out of this toon.


ticket prices: $50 - $100 a ticket. and, no blow job.

beatles fans and their kids: these are the same parents that won't let their kids go see backstreet boys or marilyn manson.

konocti harbor: wtf is this place?

i haven't seen a knecktie in the whole house

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