Chicago Ringo Peace Fest

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"All you need is love & peace", according to a ringless Ringo.


"How do you like me new suit?" he quiries...

The Todd Godd, upstaging EVERYONE, with mugging and antics, anal guitar head jabs and butt wagging sillies, was introduced by Ringo as Todd "He'll Sign Anything' Rundgren.

True to form, he even attempted to sign Ringo albums, stage right.

But, guitar man he was.. from polkas to two steps to dirge-like Beatle rockers, he comped with resolve... cutting through Bruce's overbearing bombast with midrange wars and Crybaby/Kauaibaby Clapton-a-thons, his solos were merciless and a fun romp back to 80's poise.

"From the sublime to the ridiulous..."

"White Room" .... ahh.... I had to hit the men's room next, during Brooker's 'Whiter Shade of Pale,' but I felt like I had been at a Blue Cheer concert, "wow man, I'm deaf..."   With MORE than a little help... friends were abundent (Hello Jana & Karl & Becky & Chris & Bob & Corky & Marie,,

Todd was impressive, nonplussed, unpressed, barefooted and pedicured, mussed and fussed, pregnant and hoppy, smiling and shaded, saronged and so-right, checker briefed (all right Mary Adams-- HA) and pickless, shaving injuries not withstanding...

Even the tuff ol' security guards were singing along.

All you need is love

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2/28/1999 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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