A Wizard in Indiana

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Once again, TR-i pushed the envelope and, I feel, stole the show at Friday night's Ringo show in Merrillville.

Todd, sporting a rather stylish yellow suit, accompanied the rest of the band, (minus Ringo), onstage for the opening tune, "It Don't Come Easy". >From the onset, it was clear that Todd would breathe life into what might have been a borderline lethargic show.

His energy was matched by Jack Bruce during some parts of the show, namely "Sunshine of Your Love", and "White Room". Jack obviously has not forgotten how to play the four string! Todd displayed some incredible chops as he covered these and other classics. (I was completely blown away by his use of the wah-wah pedal on "White Room".)

I do, however, wish that Todd's guitar would have been a bit more audible during some of his solos......but hey, whaddya gonna do?

It was an unusual experience, having never seen the Ringo tour before, to see Todd in a more supporting cast member role. He filled the lead guitar role flawlessly, and was bound and determined to be the ham of the group.

"Bang the Drum", had the entire Star Plaza audience on their feet and Todd seemed to revel in this, displaying energy which made the tune sound almost new to me.

The other members performed their pieces adequately enough, but I was here to see Mr. Rundgren grind his axe......and he did not disappoint.

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2/26/1999 - Star Plaza Theatre - Merrillville, IN

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