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Todd Rundgren Live 2/24/99 , Westbury Music Fair, Westbury,NY
Opening act: Ringo Starr

In my heavily biased opinion, this show was Todd and the All-Stars. One "R" in All-Stars. R is for Rundgren. The show was all guitar. Song after song, the highlight was Todd's Guitar. Gary, Jack, Ringo, and Simon sang some classic songs to add some context to Todd's guitar work.

Simon's adequate vocal on All Right Now was the bread, Todd's guitar playing was the meat.

I'm no musician, but I know what sounds good. I read reviews from some Todd heads who sound like they know a lot more about music than me. I read how Todd and Jack "played off each other" so well and I feel like I'm missing something. I tried hard to appreciate them "playing off each other" and it didn't happen. I was floored by White Room, it was spectacular, nearly worth the $50 by itself. But let me tell you something, Jack Bruce laid out the canvass and My Hero painted. No pretentious Picasso crap that phonies pretend to like, It was a masterpiece.

Song after song, guitar. I didn't miss Dave Edmunds, Nils Lofgren, Timothy B Schmit, or Joe Walsh. I'm glad they weren't there to muddy it up. Only Joe could even dream of hanging out with Todd tonight. This was classic rock defined. About eight times I received the same chills I got the first 100 or so times I heard Todd wail "when you need a friend.....".

As serious as Todd was on the classics, he was at his playful goofy best on the Ringo songs. Not that Yellow Submarine isn't a classic, it just doesn't receive the reverence Todd reserves for the likes of Sunshine of Your Love. At one point Ringo remarked "It's great playing with Todd, he's like a five year old, he's got so much energy".

I must also boast that I am now the proud owner of one furiously used Zildjian (Bang the) drum stick. If your nice to me, I'll let you touch it.

Do anything you can to catch this show. Sell your wife and pawn your heater, go see Todd at your local theater.

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2/24/1999 - Westbury Music Fair - Westbury, NY

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