Todd & Ringo at Schottenstein center, Columbus Ohio

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Hi all you beautiful people out there on the border line! Monday nite the 22nd. was one of those historical nights that will never leave my memory. Like the first time i had that great chance to see Todd for the first time in '75, at spartan stadium in ohio. It was the initiation tour, ( also where the 'wheel' was recorded for the upcomming 'Another Live' album...) Or like seeing Alice Cooper for the first time w/ the original band for the '72 'schools out' tour. Those kind of things never leave you... (only loney to know they've past.) I had tickets for the whole family more than a month. Finally, that day had arrived, and it would be nothing less than i had expected, but much much more! We loaded up the camaro and kicked butt for Columbus. I had to kick it because i'm always late... Try getting four girls packed and outta' front of the mirror, much less the door! Like a bat outta' hell, at last we were off. We arrived three hours before show time. We were lucky to get a room at the holiday inn, just a blocks walk to the center. We grabbed a beer and rushed to find our seating order. We didn't get second or even third row, but still had a great overall veiw of the stage, just alittle ways back along the side section, better than we had expected! Show time... Then came out from behind the black curtain, our noble legends. I had went mainly to see Todd, since he's so far apart from the US now, i wasn't sure i would have the chance for awhile. And i wasn't about to chance it... I had always wanted to see Ringo, because i love him, not to mention being a drummer meself; and Jack Bruce has always been my favorite part of Cream. ( Very underrated, my personal opinion...) Then it started, 'It don't come easy', but for Todd it seemed to. To my amazment, he started singing the lyrics to the song himself, which sounded so great I would have loved to have heard him sing it all the way through by himself... It sounded that great!!! Then out came Ringo, and joined in. But that was okay, being it was his song! (Show?) I thought with Joe Walsh there, it would have been better. Boy was I so wrong... Todd carried all the guitar playing himself, and I haven't seen him play that good in all my life! Not only I stand alone on this, but everyone I talked to that nite was saying, why dosen't he want to play that good all the time? I replied saying, don't you ever under estimate him, he can do that and anything else anytime he wants to!!! Enough said, Todd made, if not stold the whole show; but then i guess you just don't still Ringo's show??? He didn't miss a riff, not to mention his vocals were the sharpest i've heard in a long time!!! I defenitly thought 'bang the drum' and 'white room' were the highlites of the evening... I have never seen Todd look so good, sing so good, and damm sure play so tight! My wife made the comment, he looks like he's in such great shape. like 20 years ago, but better and more alive. I have to agree... As Ringo made the statement, the show changes every night... It was the one I am glad I didn't miss! The one thing I thought would have been cool, is if on the 'cream' songs, Todd would have had the fool strapped on, and Jack sporting his original 'cream' painted 'sg' bass! That would have been intense. As if it wasn't aready!!! I would have loved to seen Todd jump up behind the drums for 'cool jerk'! ...As I had read in an earlier review. This was a great show, I suggest everyone who has the chance should not miss it! Todd, Ringo, and all the guys played a great show that will stay in my memories and dreams for the next millinium!!! I would like to thank Ringo and all the guys for playing Columbus. Also, I would like to thank my beautiful wife for holding me together through all the waiting game. And my three lovely daughters for loving music as much as I, and Diane do...Now I'm going to go crash and say my prayers that Todd and maybe even Jack Bruce tours together in the near future! "Wouldn't that be an intense dream!!!"

By: Roger Young}}}}}}}

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2/22/1999 - Schottenstein Center - Columbus, OH

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