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I caught OH and the All-Starrs last night. Gotta admit it's strange to go see a Beatle in concert yet spend the entire time fixating on a guitarist who I've seen live 60+ times! Ah, well, priorities, right? ;-)

The Beacon Theater sound wasn't as crisp as I remember. Whenever TR played the light green guitar, he was completely lost in the mix. Which was a shame, because when he had out the Fool replica, man oh man, did he blister.

The highlights of the show were the three Cream songs. For the most part I am utterly bored by classic rock, but Todd's playing behind Jack Bruce was a revelation. Todd's solos were alive and spirited, an inspired channeling of Clapton as sampled by Hendrix. Really. He was that good last night.

He also did a neat job on some of the Bad Company stuff, as well as the uptempo rockers Ringo sang. Neat, very Todd-esque playing on "With A Little Help From My Friends."

Anyway, like I said, classic rock typically bores me silly, but this is a good show. Great musicians, Ringo's charm, and a guitar master worth the price of admission!

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2/16/1999 - Beacon Theater - New York, New York

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