4TH & B -- ROMO'S HOMETOWN -- 3/15/99

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same set except for conquistador, which seems to be the standard now.

good sound system. instruments are blending better. simon is finally back some in the mix. ahhh.

TR wears the black sleeveless vest and black pants. i wonder if ringo put the kibosh on the pareos...

smaller venue. total I show here in 1996. two large video screens up over each corner of the stage. unpacked house.


ringo is settling in with the band and the set. he has a certain connection with his fans. tonight, he's comfortably charismatic.

i can't type enough about jack bruce. he's cut his hair since berkeley and is sporting cool shades. that's someone's grandfather wailing on the fretless four-string.

'hammer in my heart' is gaining momentum with the band. it's no longer an awkward sparse stroke, but a blended bright brush. the solo rools.

all guitar solos are blisteringly clear. jack knows when to feed TR-i, and vice versa. OH rides the grooves tastefully.


the venue is tight, which makes for good sound, but little in the way of dance floor. but that's ok; it's monday night, and peoples is mellow.

simon doesn't pay attention sometimes. it's like he's on autopilot.

the stage is cramped. there's barely enough room for TR-i to imitate timmy on 'i'm the greatest'.

the video cameras are remotely computer controlled, which yields a jerky pan and zoom.


TR-i and ringo take a moment to comment on the Ringo Front Line.

the bruce/rundgren mock-dancing is hitting hilarious proportions.

no broken strings on SG!

sleep in my own bed tonight. :>

i hear marilyn manson ain't comin, this is as close as you're gonna get

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