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hey folks

happy 4th wknd etc.

was looking for some of you at the pittsburgh show.... i had a day off so - i thought i'd try to hold a candle to the veteran road trippers like romo and john 'nilseh'.... yes - i was trapped in a greyhound bus for almost 20 hours RT... but it was wayyy worth it!!

pittsburgh was cool.. as usual.. most cities are automatically cool to me when they are not as crowded as NYC...

got to GRAFFITI showcase...good middle eastern (intrique) food 2 blocks away..

first set about 8:45 to 9:45 - it was the 3 guitar army!!! TECHHEAD NEWS: John Ferenzik kickin the 6 string (strats) for the whole set I.. Todd had the cool blue gtr.. looked like he had a new amp/effect combo - the LINE 6 combo - which has effects built in.. Jess on an assortment of strats..Kasim's bass i couldn't identify.. Prairie on yamaha skins.. (GREAT interview with PP in the new -JULY 99- Modern Drummer mag. )

setlist order....i dunno.. but it included:

surf talks
trapped!!!! this meant so much to me.. this was perhaps the tune that got
me on board back in '79 or '80
black and white
love in action
hit me like a train
unloved children
worldwide epiphany
and a couple i forget..

after a 20 min intermission and set change (the tiki stuff was behind them for set one, draped in cloth...) - the boyz returned with new hawaii/lounge type clothing on...and the stage was now populated by 6-8 audience guests for the virtual 'tiki lounge' feel.. Todd center stool in a brown leisure suit. After a bizarre backwards topple during some antics.. he arose, unhurt to proclaim "this is bossa-core !! we don't play that sissy swing stuff !!!"

all in all - a real good tour ending gig - though TR later proclaimed it "the weirdest gig".. hmm - i'm psyched to hear some tapes if this wasn't a prime show!!

the tiki set.. with the usual suspects

i saw the light
born to synthesize/huge crazy band jam
america drinks and goes home (ZAPPA)
i want you
influenza (amazing perf.!! and i LOVE this song so much!)
can we still be friends
it wouldnt have made any diff.
soul medley - ohh baby baby.. & i'm so proud
ditto on the incompletion of this list....

first set - all electric.....

The sound system coulda been better.. but was lets say 'pretty good' not amazing. Great guitar playing by all... TR was ripping on stuff like 'trapped' and ESPECIALLy 'unloved children' - which turned into a blues guitar rave up....again..where are the guitar rags.. or any press or radio at all!! screw these people. And hats off to Todd - for remaining in his own parellel universe that we are all invited to check out...this amazing music - and the chance to see it live.. performed with humor and fun... is such an incredible thing. thanks, todd.


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