ODEON -- CLEVELAND, OH -- 6/28/99

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TR-i and the band get their mojo back, baybay.

the crowd is expectantly lighter [not by weight, by density] for a monday, but not by much. only the diehards remain. and, we get a great show.. with the best first set i've seen this tour.

that modem training tone is too freakin cool. prairie hits the cymbal above his hi-hat during 'black and white' and it falls off it's boom despite him coming out early and checking everything is set up properly. TR performs with nekkid eyes for set one.

the first few toons go smoothly enough for the boys to relax for the balance of the set. this yields lots of confidence with tight changes and endings. standouts for the first set are 'drive', where TR and kas' minds meet, literally; 'unloved', which is the best song of the set; & 'trapped', which doesn't sound cluttered tonight. no 'train'.

'love in action' includes an extended break where TR-i bolts out verses from our national anthem, evita, and the titanic. i shit you not.

no support act in between sets.. which is great. we were out by 11pm.

set two is uneventful, which is a good thing. Keione Al let's his hair down and serves up the chrome martini. TR explains that they now travel with the necessary accoutrements for martinis, instead of trying to acquire them from town to town. what's a martini?

no flubs second set, except the ending of 'fidelity' catches jesse sleeping. ricky martin 'wouldn't have made any difference'. todd's digging his shaker full of gibson tonight, refilling it frequently. he evens savors the first onion on the skewer.

john is satanically out of control for 'bts', while TR sings some 'mojo' through his squawk box. TR give is black suit with pink shirt. no 'espresso' tonight, but a long, ambiguous 'america drinks' still has peoples guessing.

this was a great show at the odeon. the first set is now clean and rehearsed. the second set is, well.. the second set. the band is finally gelling.. now that the tour's over. BHH!

when that Y2K shit comes down, the only ones standing? boy scouts

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6/28/1999 - Odeon - Cleveland, OH

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