Concert Review - Cleveland- Monday, June 28

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Well, I just got done dropping about a grand following TR around the Midwest....and it was worth every penny!!!

Saw shows in Indy, Columbus and 2nd show in Cleveland....awesome.I've seen just about every musical group that's ever been on tour and while I realize I am biased, Todd blows everybody else away.

The crowd at the Odeon was really pumped for the first set and so was the band. Can't imagine a more rockin' fun time than a set that includes B&W, Drive, Unloved Children, LIA and Hammer. The crowd actually got into the second set as well. Last two songs were especially awesome. TR always nails I Want You and tonight was no exception. The closer - A Dream Goes On Forever - is simply my all time favorite song and the last thing that will be played before the ashes get dumped - which is exactly what happened to Espresso tonight.

Wish I could go to Pittsburg but I'm out of money. Did get a couple things accomplished on the pilgrimage however. Both daughters have now seen Todd and love him. I got to meet Todd and Jesse. And last but not least, I got to meet and spend some time with a really wonderful member of the supporting cast......and all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart and "Hello Mary Lou". You're the coolest.

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6/28/1999 - Odeon - Cleveland, OH

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