ODEON -- CLEVELAND, OH -- 6/27/99

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all together now: ahhhhh...

just when you think it can't get any better, you come to cleveland.

The Odeon is in the flats, downtown, amongst a compression of bars, restaurants, and the cuyahoga river. people here love sports, rock and roll, & TR-i. tonight, they wait in line outside in the rain for OH in OH. soundcheck leaks 'heavy metal kids', but does not appear in set one. hmmm..

the sound system is above average, but for this tour, that's not complimentary. what is, are the lights. the odeon lights are crisp, bright, and colorful. and, the lighting crew is todd-aware.

NEW: a loud modem squeal now starts off the show and prairie ends it with the beginning drum roll to 'ST'. the crowd loves it. 'black and white' is particularly energized.. todd plays the solo like he's in cleveland. 'drive' falls flat as todd explicitly queues the band at the breaks. everyone thinks there's something wrong.

'hit me like a train' returns, but without kas. well, i heard him but didn't see him. there seemed to be a disconnect going into the second verse. 'train' is starting to solidify musically as a live toon, but still doesn't jive with the head-wrenching first set.

still no middle act.

set two is again a success. 'friends' goes over best at the early part, 'lita' in the middle, and motown at the end. TR is almost free to enjoy performing, and not worry about technical details.

keione the bartender from the east coast WaT shows has returned, bringing TR-i a *shaker full* of martini with the metal glass to which OH refills periodically during the celebratory set two. the jacket comes off early, as TR does not pretend not to be hot.

TR-i give us bronze pants and white shirt with royal blue trim from Roxy #1. TR-i feeds on the cleavage energy and improvs 'bts' a little more than usual. he chants "cincinatti", then "chicago", followed by a sung rap about the disaster at lincoln park. "That's where this sorry soul... fell through a freakin hole... in chicago". other inside band raps follow, none of which translate.

ricky martin action during 'espresso', TR-i thought of it first. 'america drinks' is back, but not before TR-i has to blatantly stop jesse from starting 'dream', which todd finishes without any stops or laughs, almost.

see you tomorrow..

speaking of toilets, thank god we're not in one. we're in cleveland!

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6/27/1999 - Odeon - Cleveland, OH

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