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With all due respect to kidnoise and Gayia, I have to give a somewhat more uplifting review of the TR show in Chicago.

First, my only negative issue is the fact that we missed out on the Power Rock set....having driven in from Kansas City for the show, this did upset me a little, but I do not blame the opening act or the zoo. I think it was TR's decision to not begin performing until it was at least a little dark.....while I would certainly have opted for TR music in the daylight, I respect Todd's decision.

When WAT was released, I was not a fan of the CD. I expressed my disappointment with the release openly on the list. I've probably listened to the disc twice since its purchase. For this reason, I had very few expectations for the Tiki set. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much!

I had a very good spot, in the center of the stage, about 20 feet back. My only complaint was with the assholes who tried to crowd in after arriving late (if that description fits any of you...sorry, that's your problem ).

From my vantage point, in the audience, the sound was very good. The problems heard with the monitors on the stage were barely noticable in the seating for us "regular" folks. I'm sure the monitor problems were very noticable "on stage" in the "lounge"...but that only effected a handful of people. As I write this, I'm listening to a minidisc recording of the set, which came out Very Well Indeed. You'd never know from this recording that there were any problems...well Todd does complain about the monitors once.

I had taken my son along, hoping he could hear and appreciate the Power Set of songs...I regret that he missed that set, but if I had to choose, I would pick the Tiki set....and remember...I don't like the CD. I've been fortunate enough to hear Todd's Power Set many times in the many that I've lost count. Hearing the Tiki songs "live" has given me a new appreciation for the CD. I still probably won't listen to the "official" WAT CD very often, but I will listen to my CD-R of this live set MANY times in the future.

Todd was in good spirits, the band was tight, it didn't rain, my son was impressed.

Like Kris (my son) said....."Dad, I hope the performers I like so much now are still touring when they are in their 50's".

Looking forward to the next turn in the road,

Steve Amos

BTW, if anyone wants to trade for a copy of my CD-R, I'd like to hear from you. I'd like to get video or pictures taken during the set at the Zoo.

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