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Hi, I was at the TR show at Lincoln park zoo yesterday. I enjoy Todd's music, but my brother Dave (Todd is God) is a diehard loyal fan. He waited in line early so when my sister, her husband and her two children and I arrived we were given the pleasure of very good lawn seats near the stage. It was a perfect night for an outdoor concert with a beautiful location in the zoo. I never heard the band Nada before, I was impressed by their solid playing and interaction with the audience, considering they were treated as a warmup group by the audience (with people walking back and forth in front of the stage while they were playing). They pumped out 1 1/2 hrs of quality playing. Todd's group started at 9:00 pm and the band played professionally. Todd did not play any instruments.

Now the reason I am writing this letter is I do not believe Todd's behavior was professional. When we talked about it today my sister believed he was drunk. The thought did not come to me. I thought he was rather cynical with his comments. He went out of his way to put down Ricky Martin (I'm 39 years old and I'm not sure who he is). He was having sound difficulties (he threw that little maraca that he was playing at his sound man.) And also he was wearing dark sunglasses and fell when he walk over to the sound stage. I did not see that but my sister did. Someone went over to help him up. It seems that the stage and the sound table where at different levels. There was a point in the show that Todd pretended that he fell asleep on the stage, was snoring, and pretended to wake up, asking the audience what they were doing in his bedroom! Now Kasim and the rest of the musicians were playing great. But I got the impression that Todd did not want to be there. They left the stage at about 10:15 and never came back for an encore. And that was it. My brother was dumbfounded. He was following the tour and new every song that they were to play. He tried to apologize to us, but there was no need to. I still had a nice night out.

Now I'm not putting this letter out to put down Todd. But I think he owes an apology to all his loyal fans that came out to see that night. I would like to blame it all on the sound system, but Nada sounded great. Maybe it was the fall that made him leave early. His behavior seemed somewhat inappropriate for a professional. I would like to see him send a letter out to his fans on his website explaining the show. Maybe you will get some more insight from other people E-mailing you. Have a good evening.

Mike N.

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6/25/1999 - Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago, IL

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