Chicago Zoo (not so Jammin')

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After stop and go driving for the last hour of the trip from S.Bend, I arrived at the Lincoln Park zoo to find a... well... zoo, frankly! What has to be among the biggest audiences of any recent TR tour sprawled (overflowed in fact) a grassy natural amphitheatre next to the patio/bar area, though many had staked out a claim to lawn seating (including Robert Henry, Kyle Paulk (con-TRibute-ors)

The best viewing for latecomers was standing room at stage right. The "Half Twist" tour became a full Twister at the zoo with none of the rocked-out set I'd been anticipating from earlier reviews.

Couldn't locate anyone else from the list either- CLB- where were you sitting? MJ Adams was on stage in the Tiki Lounge though (wasn't she?) I was wearing my '85 vintage "Nearly Human" blue tee and saw one other in the audience... also a '83 Utopia tour shirt.

Sound was muffled/muddy and the audience was far from cooperative talking non-stop during the show (sigh!) but so it goes... Now I'm debating a quick trip to Cleveland Sunday or possibly Monday (are those shows sold out? Anyone know? Still aching for some TR-uitar soloes ; )

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6/25/1999 - Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago, IL

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