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Well, we were treated to the first major change in the set list. No first set! Apparently Todd and Co. didn't want to disturb the sleeping panthers and cougars next door to the small stage area. The sound problems that have plagued the band throughout this tour might have been magnified by the setting. I believe this was the first outdoor show. I have listened to Todd albums louder in Bill and Harry's apartment! I think Todd was a little aggravated with the whole ordeal as well, as he made many asides to the crowd. Unfortunately, these were also lost to the sound demons, and arrived at my ear sounding like he had a mouthful of martini onions.

It really wouldn't be fair of me to give a critique of a show that i couldn't hear. But i will say, it seemed like a "hurry-up and get this nightmare over with" kind of evening. From ISTL on, Todd was pleading for more sound in his monitors. During Born to Synthesize, Todd left the stage during Jesse's solo, and went to the board, and seemed to fiddle with some knobs to no avail. Espresso was the victim of muffled lines, and almost ground totally to a halt, saved only by Prarie's timekeeping.

I could go on, but i won't. It really pains me to write such a negative review. After weeks of getting psyched up for the show, it was more than a little anti-climactic. I think that the problem lies in the sound, more so than the performance, but ultimately, they go hand in hand. I only hope that this little tour doesn't discourage Todd from hitting the road for awhile. I could understand if it does, it seemed like a battle for him all nite long. I am also curious to see a review from someone who was sitting much closer. Perhaps they will have a totally different perspective on the evening.

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6/25/1999 - Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago, IL

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