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The show friday night at LPZ was half a show. Todd started off well with "I saw the light", and "influenza", then he seemed to have trouble with his sound system. He threw his "shaker" at the sound man "I saw a wild monkey" he stated. I was really hoping that this was all a bad dream and tr would p/u his guitar and start jamming.

It was over too fast.

Todd owes chicago a three hour set at the Auditorium th. (what a dream huh!)

It was not TR's fault.

  1. The NADA'a were being promoted. They played forever!!!!!!
  2. I think the neiborhood surrounding Lincoln park has sound laws. Such as no party after 10:30 p.m.
  3. Having the concert at LPZ was cool because it was outdoors, to bad drinking was allowed. Some people's behavior was uncool. Talking, kids screaming, family stuff's ok but should be an age limit so those who want to listen are able to without interuption.
  4. Again, short but sweet, expecting rock but twisted is cool.

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6/25/1999 - Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago, IL

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