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Well, it saddens my heart to report a less than satisfying TR-I show, however, that was my impression of Friday night's Lincoln Park Zoo affair.

The blame should not be shouldered by any one party.

First off, I believe that on a logistical level, this concert was a wee bit under planned. The lawn area was entirely too small for the crowd that attended, leaving my cohorts and myself scrambling for unobstructed sight lines. The sound was inadequate for the surroundings, and, once again, there was technical difficulties, (please stand by??).

Todd played only the bossanova portion of his latest repertoire, which I found disappointing, having seen some pretty intense guitar work in Indianapolis. To be perfectly honest, I think that by now the set list could at least be mixed up a little........I have a feeling that these boys know the songs well enough by now to accomplish this. (Since when do concerts have to end by 10:30????)

Give the devil his due, there are probably some individuals who had a much more enjoyable vantage point than I, and hopefully will contradict my somewhat negative vibe.

I have seen better Todd shows in the past, and, I hope and pray, that this will not be my last memory of his live work for too long.

The lion house was kinda cool though.................and I got to say hi to Kasim again for the second time in a week....................

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6/25/1999 - Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago, IL

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