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Rundgren played the Mekka in Columbus, Ohio on 6/23. The Mekka is a section of a warehouse, rather cramped. The first problem was that we had to wait outside for close to an hour after the alleged opening time of 8:00. It felt like some concert experience from the 70' my opinion some one could have told us why we had to wait, we weren't rowdy kids, everyone was getting ancient and it was disrespectful..its one reason why I don't go to many concerts anymore..the absurd bullshit...but!..we all finally got in and the concert retrospect Todd was doing his harder hitting numbers ..Black and White, Unloved Children, World Wide Epiphany, Trapped(!), Love in Action, Hammer in my Heart and more that I either didn't recognize or remember..It was very good except that for the size of the place it was loud to the point of couldn't distinguish solos..which was a shame maybe I was too close to the stage.. after a break they did the With a Twist material plus the medley of Motown stuff from Wizard..the sound quality was much better, they did a great city blues jam on Born to Synthesize....I would rate it as one of the better concerts I have seen,the Second Wind Tour in 92 was definetly the best one ever, but this one was very enjoyable...the negativety was more from the place, not the is quite nice to hear and see up real close an artist whom I consider one of the true (extemely underrated) geniuses of rock perform with enthusiasm and energy. The last two times I have seen him, he has performed with a small band.. it would be great to see him with a setup that would allow him to per form some of the many brilliant compositions in his repitoire. He is one of the few decent and intelligent people who are "famous" as best I can tell. It is quite nice to have him and his music around for, nongod help me, the last 30 years. With much sincerity...Gregg

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6/23/1999 - Mekka - Columbus, OH

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