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Went to both Cinci and Columbus and by far a more inspired band at Mekka where lots of faithful packed tightly around the small stage. Exactly as said, the first half of the show full of blistering guitar work reminded us all that we were witnessing the new incarnation of a tight band that could play a lot of the Utopia tunes pretty damn well.

Highlights: Hearing Kaz sing Trapped and his wonderful presence on the stage and the segue into Worldwide Epiphany that symbolized the hope of the future and ended the first set.

Hearing Drive for the first time and my two grown teenagers rockin out to this tune they grew up with bouncing up & down with me in the living room as just tikes...

Love In Action was fantastic one live, esp as they took a poignant break in the middle of the come back and finish

Todds comments in middle of "Born" pretending to be in an altered state but putting us in that state with that rendition...was pretty far out.

Prarie's full bore pounding of those drums was awe-inspiring and provided that familiar solid undergirding of the Utopian sound--and his great shit-eaten smirk of satisfaction under those sunglasses...very righteous!

You could bring your camera in over your shoulder and take photos without being hassled--there were a lot taken that night including a roll myself--

Saw Craig Schneider and his wife, Becky from Kansas City and I hear Becky (Nanna) was there but she looked so different I didn't recognize her! Nanna I'm glad we didn't get kicked out of THIS concert...although couple security dudes took couple of women out stage center in Cinci during one set...? Daam I didn't smell nothin....

This show is a real treat, far far better than what I was expecting/ I hope to death this band puts out some tight new tunes by Todd as they have so much potential right now... as the new Surf Talks and Train gave evidence of this fact

And Pat, you would be proud of that set, well worth the price of admission and also chillin with the rest of WAT set save Espresso and a get down dripping emotion of Baby, Baby that melted all the women in my immediate vicinity. Not much new, but intense and they meant business of rockin out croonin ballads in her, but a lot of screamin actually. And yes it was nice to relax the second half .

Todd commented it was the best martini on the tour, as Mary Lou gave him a insulated stainless steel thermos for at least 3 refills...and yes he spilled alot...especially rearranging the stage for 5mins mid-BTS exhibiting compulsive-obsessive syndrome to the audience.

He was in great comic form. Lady behind me got Jesse's pick at the end; also notice how many time Kaz puts his pick in his mouth as he is pikin that bass. As in WAT tour, there is no encore. We tried hard both nites.

GO SEE this tour, even for some hours drive. Its a surprise sleeper that delivers the goods.

YourlurkingnonWizList Friend--

Dan Studebaker & Nick and Ingrid

PS Anybody get the tip of the hat in Cinci to Aerosmith when the launched into Stylers Train Kept A Rollin totally off the cuff coming down from the Hit me like a freight train...I thought it a little ironic...and cool.

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6/23/1999 - Mekka - Columbus, OH

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