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Tue, 18 Jan 2000

O.K. So sorry for waitin' so long on this review.

We arrived at the Elektra about an hour prior and stood in line only to smell Cincinnati's collective ass. The sewer line ran right next to the Todd line and it reaked. But that was the only dissapointment of the evening. This show kicked ASS! Not only were all the songs dead on but it was also his birthday and they had a cake for him, (I got a piece and also a little plastic music note decoration that was on the cake. gnarley) and after 20 some-odd years, I finally met him and got an autograph.! Big night for me.

My friend, the new todd convert came along also. His second show and he gets to meet him. Where's the justice. Jesse Gress is guitarist extrordinaire. Kas was great! Todd was great! Everything was great. It kicked ASS! And my favorite part?............when the band ended it with the theme to "Ferwnood 2-nite". Whose idea was that? I've been a fernwood fan since Mary Hartman and GARTH Gimbal. What a night. It kicked ASS!.......but I said that.


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6/22/1999 - Electra - Cincinnati, OH

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