Indy Half Twisted

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Good show. For those of you who thrive off of critical reviews, I only have a few minor ones for you. Untuned guitars on a few songs, too long of an intermission, and a slightly distorted (Todd) vocal pa system on the first set. Sorry west coast fans but this concert cooked. Todd`s vocals were good (but have heard better) along with Kas`s usual strong and perfect singing. I thought that Todd was having a good time with the crowd and unlike the west coast reviews, had plenty of energy and inspiration while on stage. He actually broke strings on two different guitars but kept playing until the song was finished...waited about 15min. to get his first one back to him(somebody fix the damn guitar)! It`s probably like having the shoestrings break on your favorite tennis shoes , walk around in a stiff pair for awhile before returning to your old pair. All in all, the usual fun and exhilarating time everyone expects to have at a Todd show. ml

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6/21/1999 - The Vogue - Indianapolis, IN

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